Fitness Blog,

My story is simple – I want to get fit for 40! As a family man with a new wife and three children, its become even more important for me to ensure I am fit, well and live a healthy life, not just for me but for them as well.

I lost my Dad at the young age of 57 and from that moment I have promised myself I wouldn’t let it happen to me. I made some changes to my life, decided to do what’s right for me, my family and my future. Life is too short to consider “what if” so make those changes today to enable you to progress and live for tomorrow.

I am using this blog page not as a platform to show off but to simply document my journey towards my goal and hopefully inspire others into “Getting Fit For Forty”,

I will try to commit to updating this regularly but for now, happy reading!

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Chris Wright – Owner Blogger