Training with the champ! – Maximuscle Protein Project – Boxing Event Friday 3rd May 2013

Over the last 6 weeks, I have been hitting the gym harderthan normal with one ultimate goal in mind. “Achieve the cover model body weall put up with on the front of fitness magazines” Some might say at the youngage of 33, that my aim should be more realistic and just loose a bit of weight,get fit and stay healthy……I say codswallop!

I have been a great believer if you aim high, you getmore and with this I have set out on a new journey to achieve this goal. I havebeen a sporadic gym goer over the last 17 years and have always been keen onkeeping fit etc but now I was taking it seriously. 

My decision to make this dramatic change was spurred onby two things. The death of my father at a very young age of 57 who had workedhard for the majority of his short life was taken by illness of drinkingheavily since losing his job in the recession. This coupled with the franticdetermination that this wouldn’t happen to me, set me up to look for theultimate workout program that would not only help me achieve the asceticallypleasing physic but will provide me with more assistance when dealing withnutrition and supplement plan. Let’s face it; there are so many articles,videos, fitness programs out there that quite simply it’s a mind field! I wasfeeling a little confused, frustrated and in truth annoyed with the process offinding a suitable training program that I had nearly given up hope. It was atthis point I discovered the MaximuscleProtein Project when looking at the supplements I was aiming to purchase.This project is being run by Maximuscle where three average joe’s were pickedout of 10,000 applications to transform their body over a 12 week period withadvice, training and guidance provided by the Maximuscle experts. “Brilliant” Ithought, “This is exactly what I am looking for!” that was until I realised theapplication process had already finished and the three average guys had alreadybeen picked to take part! GUTTED!

After my initial disappointment, and after reviewing theproject in more detail, I decided this plan was actually just what I wanted.The three guys each had different goals and were each given tailored plans fornutrition and effective supplement guidance. James who was one of the luckybuggers chosen had very similar aims to me. Similar starting points, previousissues and the ultimate goal was the same. “cover body here I come” I thought.So with this, I embarked on the program myself. The training plans were allprovided along with meal planning information and supplement advice.

In addition to this, there were also three events thatwere being hosted by the @maximuscleteam where by entering your “protein pledge” you could be chosen to take part.The three events consisted of one based on Football, one on Rugby and a Boxingevent, each of which giving you the chance to train with the @maximuscle ambassadors. As I hadpreviously played football and rugby, I decided to pledge my efforts towardsthe Boxing event. A number of weeks went past and the closing date got closerand closer. I was so excited at the thought of being chosen I decided to tweetto the @maximuscle team on aregular basis with the hope of being selected for this money can’t buyexperience.

I was sitting at my desk on the Friday following thedeadline and an email appeared informing me of my selection! “YIPPEEE!!!!!! Iam going to train with Amir Khan, the main boxing ambassador for Maximuscle! Itold everyone I met about my victory! I had to wonder if my stalking of the @maximuscle team in fact helpedwith their decision or if I was just one lucky man? Nether the less, I was onmy way and I felt great. I had never won a competition before and now I had!

 The event was being held in Bolton at Gloves gym where Amirand his team had set up to promote local kids into sport.  

The big day had come and a variety of people were at theevent. I had decided due to the distance to stay over the night before and hadmanaged to find a great deal with De Vere hotels based in the Bolton FCstadium. 

The morning of the day arrived and I had managed to get adecent carb based breakfast down me before I ventured off to the meeting pointof David Lloyds Gym in Bolton. I was quite nervous but at the same time excitedof what’s to come. I had watched the guy’s videos of the other events on theProtein Pledge website and with my gym kit in off I went. 

The day had been planned with some Maximuscleinformation, two gym sessions separated by lunch which of course was superhealthy. Two of the three average joes were present at the event, both Jamesand Oli looking great following their final photo shoot at the end of their 12week journey.

So, after a brief introduction to the day and a chance tofill up the water bottles we had been provided, we were off to run around thelocal park where Amir and his team train regularly. It is safe to say, due tothe hills and the fact I had to piggy back someone else up it, it was a toughmorning. Maximuscle were kind enough to provide protein shakes for a quick recoverywhich was well needed.

With a short break for a protein packed lunch followed bya Q&A with James and Oli, we were off to Gloves Gym for our second sessionof the day. In truth, this was the part of the day I was most looking forwardtoo. As a boy growing up watching the classic Rocky movies, we have all dreamedof training like the champs and although nervous again, nostalgia had set inand I was back to the feeling I had watching the film ready to train to “eye ofthe tiger”. The gym was surprisingly decent and not the spit and sawdust I hadpreviously experienced when looking at boxing gyms.

We initially started with some cardio, skipping andvarious warm up routines. I had managed to get myself into some space in one ofthe rings they had set up in the gym and although the nostalgia had still notquite left me, I was already sweating buckets. We then moved into pairs andafter being shown a right cross punch followed by a left jab, I got a tap onthe shoulder. To my surprise, Amir Khan was standing next to me and before I knewwhat was going on, he was offering tips and advice on how to get the most outof the two moves we were practicing. He hadn’t been with us for the whole dayand I had thought that maybe he wasn’t planning to show but rest assured, thechamp was standing in front of me! 

After more punches and a cool down session lead by Amirwe all gathered in one room to be met by another champ, Nathan Cleverly Now cametime for more photos now with our pledge cards and a Q&A session with bothof them.  

I can honestly say this was a great day and although I achedfrom head to toe by the end of it, the adrenaline was still pumping through mefor the rest of the night. The team at Maximuscle and Gloves Gym were amazingand a real credit to both companies. I have generally been drawn to Maximusclefor my protein and supplements over the years and I can safely say I will be acontinued supporter for many to come. Thanks again to everyone involved. You mada grown man very happy and “eye of the tiger” will have a special meaning forme now whenever I hear it.


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