A progress update

So, after two weeks since my amazing experience with the @Maximuscle team during the Boxing event In Bolton I have been taking my training to a whole new level. Not only have I upped the intensity and arrangement of my workouts but I also feel more prepared and organised with my diet and supplements. 

I recently received my order of @Maximuscle Thermabol and have been using this in conjunction with the Promax lean series of shakes also available through @Maximuscle. The results have been really good so far and I have already noticed a real difference in my strength and shape.
I had started my training a good few weeks before the boxing event and had been using what i thought was the best supplement range for my goals, but as per my earlier blog i had realised during my chat with the team @maximuscle that I had chosen the wrong thing! I started out at 14st 6lb and on weighing today I have already reached a weight of 13st 1lb.  
Obviously i can’t just put this purely down to these products, I have trained hard and eaten a decent balanced diet. (Well most of the time) I can however say that it’s crucial you make time to discover exactly what products are right for your ultimate goal. There are lots of people on twitter who offer this advice and generally for free! 
I will have my body fat percentage update soon which I hope will also have reduced somewhat! 
The picture below gives a week 1 to week 4 progress! I know it’s not the same angle but hopefully you can tell the difference! 
My Protein Pledge is well on its way and I can’t wait for the next stage! 


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