the effort has paid off, so far so good!

Well, although I have been trying to get fit, prepare for a holiday, etc it has all been towards one thing – winning the competition following my experience day with @maximuscle at Amir Khan’s gym.

Guess what?? Ive only gone and blooming won it!!!!

I seriously couldn’t believe my luck when last Thursday the team @maximuscle announced on www.twitter.comthat @chrispin2609 (that’s me) had won the prize. I was so excited at that moment, I displayed the strangest celebration dance ever know in history, right in the middle of my office. My team in the office looked utterly confused and wasn’t helped by my lack of ability to speak and communicate my news.
When I finally managed to get a word out and explain the prize, of course everyone was delighted for me. So, the prize, it consisted of £500 worth of Maximuscle products and personal training sessions from one of the @maximuscle trainers!! What a prize hey!
I was so excited, on receiving my email with product listings; I couldn’t wait to start shopping!

It’s safe to say this has literally given me a new boost, more focus and a new form of excitement about my training. I am more focused in making sure my ultimate goal is now achieved and my commitment isn’t dampened by any excuse for not training.

I am so grateful to the team @maximuscle and I can’t wait for the PT sessions to kick off! Weather I’ll be saying that after is yet to be seen. Keep an eye out for further updates!

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