Senior Ambassador for BodyPower Expo 2015

Body Power Senior Ambassador Status!
I am completely excited and slightly overwhelmed at the time of writing this blog. Why? Simple, this week I was asked to be a Senior Ambassador for the Body Power Expo 2015.
I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have been not only selected but asked to be the Senior Ambassador for the patch I have been given. I currently have a team of approximately 20 fellow ambassadors which I will be liaising with to promote the event, sell tickets and promote the biggest fitness industry show in the UK.
The Bodypower Show brings together all the top fitness businesses, athletes, Models, Products, Supplements, under one roof for the consumers to meet the teams, their idles and ask questions on various subjects. There are a variety of guest speakers, fitness competitions and demonstrations all providing a varied experience of the fitness industry and other associated products.
I attended the event this year and I was seriously impressed with set up, the stalls and the team responsible for the event.
I can’t wait to get going and I know from the communication I’ve had with the team already, we stand a great chance of winning!
Look out for The Shire Elite Ambassador team; victory is in our sites!


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