Does it need to be January?

Does it need to be January?
Take a look at the title again…… Does it really need to be January to make those changes towards a better you?
When I say better of course I mean healthier, fitter, leaner, richer – whatever your aim happens to be. At the rife young age of 36 I have lost count of the amount of times I have committed to making changes after the festivities only to fall down in the first quarter! The truth is, January resolutions don’t work in fact only 8% of those setting goals during this period will actually achieve them! That’s right – 8% a shocking statistic.

For me it highlights the need to make changes to improve your lifestyle at any point and not just when the seasonal calendar dictates it for us. New Year New you is great and for the 8% who manage to stick to it well done and keep it up! I however decided to set my challenge in December. You might think I’m daft but ill be honest and say it was the 27th! Christmas was done – I felt huge, sluggish and was certainly ready to get on the fitness bandwagon before the New Year kicked in. A week later I am now sitting here, 9 days of not smoking, 7 times been to the gym, eating healthier and already feeling better for it. I have more energy, can concentrate for longer at work and have noticed a considerable improvement in my sleep pattern.

I have made the changes however subtle they are, they are working.

Ill be posting up again shortly on some ideas I have and recipes I have tried. For now, why not give me a follow on twitter or even sign up for blog updates.

Good luck in your quest for improvement, whatever it maybe.


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