Goal Setting – make them SMART!

Goal setting – make them SMART

Ok so let me just point something out before I carry on with this blog post. I at no point confess to be “a fitness guru” nor do I have any qualifications in advising anyone on losing weight or improving their nutritional intake. I do however have possibly 20 years of experience in eating badly, putting on weight, yoyo dieting, committing for short periods of exercise and also trying most things that seem to be “flavour of the month” in weight loss.

Does this qualify me to make basic assumptions and use common sense? You decide!

If you have read my bio on the about page of my this blog, you will have noticed my main and only focus is “Getting Fit for Forty!” I am using this arena to share MY plans, MY ideas and MY methods of getting there. If other people reading this manage to get something from it then great, I’m pleased with that.

Anyway, on with the post……..

Goal Setting – make them SMART.

Having worked in the sales industry for over 15 years I have set, smashed and over achieved targets consistently in my work so why do I struggle when doing things for ME? Why do I commit to making healthy changes to my life only to have them either fall at the first hurdle or decide it’s too much like hard work to carry on? The answer is simple – I am impatient! When I go to the gym (I know I’m not alone in this) I want to come out the first week looking like an Adonis and have images of myself looking like Daniel Craig as James Bond coming out the water in Casino Royale! The reality is, I DON’T and that not only demotivates me but actually makes me look for easy excuses not to carry on.                 Another reason for not committing is the non-realistic goal setting and pressure I put on myself when starting out. For example, in the past I have been guilty of giving up smoking, dieting, cutting out sugar and booze all at the same time only to be shocked when one of these vices get the better of me and I come stumbling back to doing all of them again. That is why I have now decided to use SMART – a process I have used successfully at work and always had success with!

So, what does it mean?

Look at the image above – this should help you but I have broken it down here.

S – Specific – choose one to start with, don’t over complicate it i.e. lose weight

M – Measurable – can you measure it? If you can’t it can’t happen. I.e. do you see progress in weight loss? Yes then great.

A – Achievable – this talks about the HOW? I.e. how will I lose weight? Train more, eat less

R – Realistic – sometimes this is also relevant and asks for you to be honest. I.e. you won’t lose a stone in a week.

T – Timely – when do you want to achieve it by – i.e. loose 10lb for a mates wedding 2 months away?

I have set my SMART goals, I’ll be posting these out in due course however, I would recommend you looking into this process further if you also seem to struggle with sticking with it.

I would love to hear your goals for 2016 – why not drop a comment below and even sign up for updates to hear mine.



  1. I agree completely, SMART goals are most likely to be achieved. In addition, I would add one suggestion: Can you see yourself there (with the goal achieved). If you can’t see yourself at the end goal, whether it be weight loss, new job, new relationship, or whatever, it’s unlikely to happen. This can occur if the goal is too big. In that case, break the big goal into smaller goals where you can see yourself. If a 40 pound weight loss is beyond your vision, then set a 10 or 15 pound goal. The important thing is to be able to see yourself in that new goal.

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