Fail to plan, plan to fail

Food prep – my new best friend

For the first time since I have started getting into training, I have now started to get my head into gear with prepping my food. I have read so many articles, blogs and helpful sites on food prep but nothing has ever made it seem sensible until now. I batch cook quite regularly for home, pre planning dinners for the kids, freezing food in Tupperware etc but never done it before for the purpose of training.

Part of my recent training regime with the Body Coach has made the process fairly simple for me to understand and prepare. This week I made one of the high carb meals, a tasty Thai chicken curry with brown rice.

The idea for this meal is for refuelling after your workouts, using the carbs to rejuvenate the lost Glycogen levels (stored carbohydrates) which are drained after your intense workouts. This is the meal I decided to prep ahead of time, I know it means I will be eating the same meal for the week however, I needed to do this to ensure I was eating the right food at the right time as explained in the 90 day programme.

The recipe was easy to do, I had most of the recipes ingredients too so it was only a matter of multiplying the recipe by the amount of portions you want.

The meal was actually really nice, and in truth, I didn’t mind eating it every day. I did admittedly, add a bit more chilli to give it some kick! BOOM –  6 pack here we come!


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