The Results are in…

The results are in!

Firstly I must apologise for not keeping the blog posts going, I have been mentally busy.

I have now completed the first cycle of my body coach training and I must say, I am quite surprised by the results.

The first phase is the shift phase and its purpose is to shift fat! Easier said than done but once you have got the head around the diet plan, it’s quite straight forward.

I have struggled with not having sweet food. I am a sucker for a sweet biscuit or chocolate bar. I think I probably mentioned this before but having three kids around makes me have to gather every ounce of strength to not eat from the treat cupboard. I have even resulted in adding a picture of a six pack to the back of the cupboard door in the vain hope to stop me sneaking a treat!

However, the long and short of it is, I have lost 2.5 kilos as my original weight was 87.8kg and as part of that I have lost 2inches around my middle. Doesn’t sound a lot but I feel so much better for it and my clothes are now fitting comfortably. I have also seen a huge difference in my shape and my energy levels are so much better now too.


The one thing that also helped was completing Dry January and in fairness I found it quite easy. I have even developed a taste for Becks Blue – a non-alcoholic beer which was unheard of for me before I started this plan.

The image I’ve attached details my results and I would highly recommend trying the 90 day SSS plan. There are some groups on Facebook for people who have started the programme. This has been a real help so for those of you from the page, thank you for all your advice and tips.

Now I’m onto cycle 2 which is all about shaping! More weights are added to the plan and a whole load more food. I promise to keep up to date with it all more regularly.



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