Achieve more – Get outside

One of the important things I have found during my journey in getting fit for forty was the importance of getting out in the fresh air! The benefits to being outside and exercising far out way those just heading to the gym and hitting the treadmill. This is of course my own opinion but I am sure the majority of health and fitness professionals will also agree with me. 

Yes I go to the gym and yes I run on the treadmill or use the weights and yes I get a sweat on but, I personally feel more energised when I am out in the open and using natures equipment. Let me explain what I mean. 

Training outside provides you with so much more variety and challenges to training in the gym. Take the treadmill for example, you can only run on the flat surface or increase the incline but outside provides you with different terrain, natural unavoidable inclines and most importantly, fresh air! Can the treadmill give you this? Not unless it’s in your garden and your wind machine is on full pelt! 

Secondly you can use everyday pieces of street furniture to assist and fuel your workout regime. Try using a park bench for example, you can do dips, step ups, press ups and even jump over it if you feel brave! Running up sets of steps or doing sprints between lampposts all add towards turning your normal run into a HITT session but out in the fresh air! 

Finally and my favourite reason is the outside space is everywhere you go. If your on holiday for example how would you go to the gym? Using that outdoor space everywhere you go means your gym is also everywhere you go! 

What excuse do you have now? Go get outside and feel the benefit 





  1. Inspirational blog, Danny! I have some physical challenges regarding exercising, but I love the outdoors. I love to walk as much as I am able to. You see so much more than driving some place. Yoga keeps me moving as well as calm and peaceful.

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