Online V’s Personal Trainer

Is it fair to say, with the increasing development of internet advice, online diet program’s and workout video blogs, the need for personal approach to fitness could be on the demise? Are these program’s so readily accessible now, the need to find a personal trainer to achieve results are not as in demand as previously imagined?

I thought i would explore this in more detail and see where i believe things are heading. obviously as i have always stated, this is just my humble opinion, ill leave it up to you to decide if i talk sense or not.

Lets look at the facts, Joe Wickes, AKA The Body Coach – reports he went from a £5k per month living as a personal trainer to turning over in excess of £80k on introducing the online 90 day SSS plan. Those figures alone prove some of this point right?

As well as this, the development of sites such as where anyone can download training plans, diet plans, supplement plans etc, means we are in that age where we no longer need to book an induction day when joining a new gym. They even include “how to” exercise videos which, means the generation of smart phone users also never need to question other gym goers or staff “can you show me how”. The awkwardness of feeling uncertain when entering the gym or the dreaded free weights section disappears as we simply sit and watch a short video detailing technique and then crack on and do it ourselves.

More and more of us are now entering into these online training program’s simply because the added cost of personal training coupled with gym memberships are for some unachievable. £25-£40 per hour for a personal trainer, £50 gym membership is quite often too much. this leaves the £150 (90Day SSS) online program far more appealing, especially for those who are motivated to make change.

Those needing that extra push or someone shouting at them to keep going would, i guess, be happy to spend that money but faced with a cost of £400 a month i know what i would choose. lets face it, those who have levels will power and the ability to say no to sugary and fatty foods would benefit either way. i know people who have trained with a PT, worked hard for an hour and then rewarded themselves with a pint or two and a burger chips. “ive earnt it” seems to be a common response.

Personally, having tried both over the years, prefer the online program. i do however, try the odd class or boxing where you still have the motivating voice to help you get through it. This also provides you with the social element to training which i know some people crave more than others and what an online trainer cant provide you.

all things considered, my belief is that online trainers are the way forward. its far cheaper than the alternative and could effectively provide you with similar if not better results. When looking at the social comparison, the added Facebook groups and various chat facilities means this is also available to you and unfortunately, the need for personal interaction is becoming less and less of a priority. if we let it of course!

What are your experiences? Which do you prefer?  i know there are sides to every story.




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