Fallen off the treadmill!

Falling off the TREADMILL!

I don’t mean literally but more metaphorically speaking.

I am therefore declaring that over a period of a couple of weeks, my motivation for training and keeping up with the momentum has certainly dampened. There we go, I’ve said it!

The thing is, balancing a busy work schedule, family life as well as extra training I have been doing solidly during the weekends for the last 12 weeks has meant time in the gym, running or even managing to eat properly has all taken a back seat. The place I was training at the weekends didn’t have any facilities to warm food up, convenience eating took its preference and the good old packet sandwich and packet of crisps sadly became my saviour! It’s surprising how quickly my ability to stay on plan dwindled and my lack of determination to train quickly followed. This also added to my failed ability to keep this blog going with the same determination as I had once I started.

giphy (1)

Onwards and upwards!

My external training has now finished, I’ve passed and the extra pressures are now off. The training is back on as is the motivation to get fit for forty!

It certainly reminded me how quickly life can get the better of us should we not keep on top of it. I also noticed how quickly and easily it is to fall back into the trap of convenience eating and poor diet choices. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go back to a few years ago eating pizza, cans of coke and purely indulgent food choices. I did still make select choices on what to eat, check out nutritional content and make sure it was the best of a bad bunch but still not ideal.

Anyway, I am back on the treadmill, working on my HIIT, weights and general fitness. I am going to sign up to the MacMillan Out Run May event which should rejuvenate my focus even more. I am delighted the clocks have gone forward so we can enjoy the lighter evenings!

I promise to keep going – don’t let life get in the way like I did and stay on that healthy focused mind-set.




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