Get Focused – Sign up for something

Stay focused – sign up for a challenge

Earlier this week I found myself thinking about the various times I have attempted to get fit, lose weight and try and get that ideal body we aspire to achieve. It is fair to say that I have attempted this a few times and tried to balance daily life, kids, work and the temptation that surrounds us with convenience food which plagues the high streets these days.

I have been a regular gym goer over the years but on reflection, the times I found my focus more determined was when I have gone for some kind of competition or attempted to achieve a goal I had set. You might have read my “Push yourself -try something new” post where I competed in a boxing match in front of a crowd of 800 people – a truly great experience and something to tick off the bucket list!

I know something like boxing might sound a bit extreme to some of you but there was a reason for my sudden interest which you can read about here.

I also was very lucky to have previously won a prize given by supplement company, Maxinutrition. The prize was for 12 months’ worth of PT sessions with one of their ambassadors along with £500 of free products to assist with my training goals. How did I win this? By blogging my training progress on my website and keeping them up to date. You can see this here.

The main thing is, I have found when committing to an event, competition or something similar, marathon, 10k assault course, triathlon or even just a 5k run with friends – committing to it means you have to go through with it. Not only that, you have to take part in the training and make those changes to your normal way of life to make sure the event goes as well as you want it too.

Let’s be honest and realistic, certain challenges are not for beginners however, you have to start somewhere right? So what are you waiting for – search online, see what’s out there local to you and get signing up! That first run, swim, step forward is always the hardest but trust me when I say – the feeling you get on finishing that event far out ways not doing it!

To leave you with a famous quote that helped me change my view on things

It’s never too late to be what you might have been – George Elliott.

Good Luck!




  1. I just signed up for a Creator Academy in film production course as I have always wanted to try and make videos. I am excited to see where the workshop leads me to.


  2. I’m big fan of challenges because they keep me focused. I usually sign up for online fitness challenges, and about a month ago I signed up to Scott Colby’s 7 Day To Fat Loss Challenge. I don’t know if 7 days count, but that program really kicked my butt! I got me working out like I hadn’t done in a long time, and now I’m more motivated to continue my health and fitness journey!
    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi

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  3. Your Blog Post brought a smile to my face. Back in Feb. 2014 I turned 55 came into a small amount of money and used some of my monetary Blessing for a Gym Membership and 10 sessions with a Personal Trainer. He was musclebound, very handsome and had been in business for over 20 years. Gave me a fitness test and I did pretty well for a 55 year old woman.

    Mr. Personal Trainer told me he could bring my body back to age 35. Now I am slim. Both my parents were thin so I do not need to lose weight actually I Need to Gain weight. So one of my goals was to make it up to 135 lbs. Mr. P.T. was full steam ahead, Go Brooklyn (my NYC home) Go Hard or Go Home! Had not trained so hard since my Army days (1977 – 1981)!! This man put all my past Drill Sgts to shame! My challenges were range of motion and body awareness. I had a minor stroke at age 49. Was doing very well until I snapped my right knee. Off to the doctor, then weeks with a Physical Therapist who told me I was too old to be doing strenuous exercises like sit-ups, squats, etc… due to my arthritis. Lost two weeks off work. Extreme pain. After several painful months I was able to walk again. I still have a trick knee and naturally with age the arthritis has gotten worse but now I limit my exercising to walking. Slowly. Maybe some hiking if my work schedule permits. No more jumping up and down like a fool beating my legs, knees and ankles have to death. Now I’m 57 and wiser.

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  4. I did a bench press competition years ago and it really did get me motivated! My metabolism was so stoked that I would eat breakfast (not normal for me,) normal meals and snacks though the day, dinner, right before bed, then I got up in the middle of the night hungry and ate again! I’m convinced that building muscle is the secret to lifelong weight maintenance for those of us who struggle in that area!

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