Looks easy enough?

I thought I would share a workout I tried this week that I had discovered on one of the pages I like on my Facebook page. This particular page is run by the well-known magazine committed to fitness, Men’s Health.

The workout video snapshots they share are always relevant for me and equally are made easy to save on Facebook to use at a later date when you feel you’re in the mood for it! That time came for me this week and I used this video through my workout. On first glace the 20 second video made it look easy but I can assure you, that wasn’t the case!

I skip quite a lot when training, it’s a great way of raising the heartrate and when combining it with a weighted set, it helps keep the heartrate high similar to HIIT.

I can honestly say by the end of it, I was sweating, aching and could just about lift my arms. Give this a try for sure and cheers Men’s Health for sharing such quality videos!

Feel free to share with me your sources for workouts!

give it a try here!





  1. You are one fit fella 🙂
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