I’m down but not out!

I’m down but not out!

There are some occasions where trying to be good, healthy and focused proves to be a lot harder than we would imagine. The temptation offered by peers, partners, friends and special occasions in the calendar take some serious will power to not give in. I am sorry to say, my will power was beaten quite badly of late and I gave in to those temptations.

I have literally spent the last two weeks completely falling off the wagon. I say falling because there were occasions when I wanted to be good but equally there were those where I just didn’t care!  A holiday with the kids in a gorgeous part of Spain, eating out every day, meant I decided quite rightly some of you might say to indulge – indulge I did. The most annoying part of it all was, I also starting to smoke again during the holiday which I am now regretting wholeheartedly.

The holiday wasn’t the only thing I had to contend with though, I also had a stag do to go on which followed two days after getting home from the family holiday. Again, this short trip was also to Spain, Benidorm to be precise and let’s just say I took indulging to a whole new level! Drinking alcohol, eating kebabs and takeaway foods, full English breakfast and very little sleep contributed to a full breakdown of the health wagon!


I thought it was important to demonstrate by writing this blog post that it’s not always possible to stay on the straight and narrow. At times it is ok to make the most of your situation, take a break from the health bus and get on a different path or experience and let loose a little. It’s at this point when you reflect on your behavior that you realise how living healthy is so much more beneficial for you than not doing so. For the first time in a long time, I felt awful! Constantly tired, bloated and generally my mood changed for the worse. I was grouchy, snappy and not nice to be around. It took me a while to get over it and now after being back on the health bus again – I quickly noticed an improvement! A realisation hit me – there is a reason why I chose this path in the first place and that never went away, I just chose to ignore it for a short time.

I am back up again now, back on the path to healthy living and getting fit for 40 is still the main goal.

You have to choose to be healthy, before it chooses you. Make the choice before you are told you have too it’s so much more rewarding – trust me!




  1. I too fell off the bandwagon completely during the holidays, but who didn’t? Congrats on having the courage to pick yourself up after the fall. It’s difficult but it can be done! The only way to fail is by giving up, so let’s keep going! 🙂

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