video 60 Day Challenge starts here

I have been scouting the web of late looking for something to not only challenge me but something to aid with my focus on my journey to getting fit for forty. It’s true that of late I have been suffering on and off with maintaining motivation and focus and felt that i need some extra help in these areas.

With this in mind, I have  come across a 60 day challenge via an online program made by Personal Trainer Luke Sumner Wilson called “no more bolics” (catchy name)  The plan costs £97 for the 60 days and gives full meal planner, shopping list and exercise ideas. The process is really simple to sign up too and Luke is on hand throughout the process to aid your questions and queries. Take a look for yourself here.

I have committed to taking part and feel that with spending the extra money to receive the program should motivate me to stay on track and ensure i complete it. I am really excited to be starting it and will commit to detailing my progress etc throughout the 60 days.

I have also decided to Vlog alongside my blog so please take a look at my YouTube channel too.

Really excited to get going and updating you on my journey!



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