image Have you taken the first step?

What steps have you taken to become that fitter you?

It only takes one step to move forward – its the rule of life.

A better youawaits



  1. I love your philosophy! But however difficult taking that first step can be, I know that taking new steps is also really difficult. I’ve been working out for a couple of years, and I constantly have to get over my fears of trying new moves. I used to be afraid of doing squat jumps, DB T-push ups, full push ups, the list goes on. I’ve had to get over my fears and now I can do all those, but I’m still afraid of doing pull ups. I suppose that the next step to take!

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  2. That’s why it’s so important to make that first step small. If we take baby steps the momentum will take over and then you’re on the upward spiral!!

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