First Day Done #60DayChallenge

First day done

That day has come – the prep is complete – the challenge starts now.

It’s now been a week since I have signed up to the No More Bolics #60DayChallenge and I have taken this time to digest the last bit of naughtiness I can muster before I commence the challenge. The food plan has been digested, not literally of course but the reality is starting to sink in as to what will be required each day. Having been on a couple of holidays, a stag do and now the wedding this weekend, the past few weeks has seemed like a marathon of over indulgence which it’s taken its toll. I am actually pleased to be starting this process, my body and my head are ready to make the change which is the first step when taking on something like this!

Anyway – Today saw the new dawn of this challenge and so far so good. I have eaten well but not starved and have trained in the gym over lunch time. I have a huge food order coming in tonight which will mean my food prep can commence for tomorrow and the rest of the week. The recipes on the plan are easy to follow by the looks of it and ill be sampling some of these on here over the coming weeks.

I have also decided to take daily photos and put together a collage at the end to show my progress. This should hopefully show a really good time lapse style change of my physical appearance, well that’s the plan anyway.

Ill demonstrate the workouts I am doing throughout the challenge as well, this should then give you a full insight to how it works.

Wish me luck and don’t forget to follow me to stay up to date with my progress.




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