60 Day Challenge – Progress report

60 Day Challenge Week one progress report

I am now just over a week into my 60 Day Challenge with #NoMoreBolics and I am feeling positive about what’s to come. I am unfortunately one of those types of people who want to see instant gratification when on plan. If I don’t resemble a 1990’s version of Jean Claud Van Damme after a few gym sessions then my alter ego (JCVD) takes a bit of a battering and I need to have a word with myself. I know I am not alone in this situation but I wanted to share how easy at times it is to get disheartened when you don’t see immediate results.

The thing is, there are many ways you can notice results and progress when entering into a plan like this. It doesn’t have to be changes to your physical appearance that dictate to you how your progress is going. Changes in mood, energy levels and cardio fitness should also be taken into account when looking for gratification on progress.

This leads me nicely onto my progress after the first week.

I have eaten well, enjoyed the food and been a good boy and prepped my food accordingly and more importantly in order to not forget it when leaving the house. The Tupperware has never seen the dishwasher so often!

I have also managed to get my training commitments into my diary which I have also complimented by walking the dog for pacier walks in the park at night.  it also helped being nominated for the 22 press up challenge (here). I have managed to keep heavily hydrated as well which I can feel the benefit from too. You do feel a little bloated to start with but that soon wears off.

Over all, not a bad first week. I have lost a few lbs and I need to remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

I look forward to sharing my week 2 progress next week.


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