Gym Essentials

During my journey to Getting Fit For Forty I have quickly realised how much i rely on certain bits of kit, i guess you could say Gym Essentials that i take with me every time i train.

Its funny how even with new habits, (which i guess you could say training is for me) you already start to establish additional habits alongside it. The training took on when i started showing interest in boxing, has become a bit of a habit for me now when i train each week. Some of the essential parts of the boxing workout helps to improve fitness and get the heart rate up. Using the boxing gloves on the gym bag, also helps with getting rid of any frustrations i have built up throughout the day and can then leave behind before heading home.

Here is an example of my gym essential habits when i train each week.

  • 10 mins skipping 1 min off, 30 secs rest
  • 15 mins core work – sit ups, planking, general HIIT training
  • light weight work, high reps
  • 3 x 2 mins bag boxing high intensity
  • 5 mins skipping

It might sound like a lot but you’ll be surprised how quickly your fitness levels will rise up by doing this workout.

give it a try, let  me know how you get on….. Getting Fit for Forty




  1. To me skipping is the most essential thing for improving fitness – whenever I go for a run I always decide to do that bit extra and do some skipping in the back garden. When I have translated that into doing races – I have found that it has given me that explosiveness for a fast sprint finish across the line 🙂

    It’s funny that when I first started skipping I was doing it all uncoordinated where I jumped too high, but soon it just became habit.

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