#60DayChallenge Week 2 progress

My 60 day challenge by #NoMoreBolics is well underway and with week two now complete, I am starting to see some difference. I haven’t lost much weight however, with the training I am doing, I seem to be adding bulk and added strength with is fine for me. My stomach seems to be going down, my hips are coming in and i can start to see more definition in certain areas which i am obviously delighted with.

I have taken the recipe guide provided by the #NoMoreBolics program and although i try to stick to it the majority of the time, I have had a guilty period when we celebrated my fiance and ours engagement weekend. We had stayed at a lovely hotel in London where i originally proposed two years ago. I had booked a table at the Alyn Williams restaurant situated in the hotel. Its a gorgeous Michelin starred restaurant and the food is simply to die for. I know this is off plan however

I do believe the odd treat day doesn’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t turn into a treat week!

(some of you might disagree)

In terms of my training, I am sticking to the minimum I said I would do of 3 sessions per week and at times I am doing much more than that. I have included an example workout I do here which you can take a peak at. I do vary my workouts and sometimes where i can, I might also add a run as well.

In short, week two done, progress is being made and things are looking positive. I know I need to stay committed to make it happen, after all, nothing comes easy and it is only me who can make it happen!




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