What will motivation look like in the future?

At about 1130 this morning, I had a moment of clarity, a realisation so to speak and it was something really simple to thank for it. When i say simple, I actually mean, it was staring me right in the face and had been for some time but, until this morning, i actually didn’t really notice it. “What is it?” I hear you say. Well i can tell you that today was the first time in a long time that i have paid attention to my #FitBit app and more importantly the dashboard on the app which tells me how i have progressed throughout the day. The thing is, i have been wearing the watch on and off for the last few months since it was bought for me by my fiance. I have the FitBit Surge model, featured below. (Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a product review, I am just demonstrating what i have been using)

Fitbit Surgeneww_0

The Fitbit Surge is a decent bit of kit, it details my steps, calories burnt, can monitor exercise and heart rate levels and also has a built in GPS tracker for mapping out your runs. It also lets you know how well you have slept! Its lightweight, has a changeable clock face and its non offensive appearance means it can actually be worn with any outfit…

Anyway, back to the revelation i spoke about earlier!

At 1130 this morning on the way back from my gym workout, my watch started to vibrate. At first, i thought it was a text coming through (i forgot to mention it provides alerts too) but it wasn’t. Instead, the face of the watch was having a party whilst at the same time telling me i had reached my distance goal. (you set these in the app) I turned to my phone, opened up the app and took a look only to see that all my areas of focus had turned green. (see below)


Not only had i climbed the 10 floors set, i had traveled over 5 Miles, burnt 2,193 calories and was active for 109 minutes – all before 113o. I was delighted obviously delighted to see this and outside of giving me further motivation to outdo my performance every day, I also found this provided me with a slight sense of achievement. The fact is, i had run 3k and done a HIIT session for 40 mins was sweating profusely and although i felt knackered, this confirmed to me that it is in fact all worth it.

little things like this have proved to help me keep on track, what do you use to help you? i would be really keen to hear your motivational techniques too.




  1. My hubby bought me a Fitbit Zip just recently and like you I hit 10,000 steps and it buzzed me. It was actually a bit of a surprise because I did not realize how easy it actually was…lol

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