The Gloves get dusted off!

ok, ok…. I can already hear the moans of “oh not something else” but yes – i have decided to dust off the gloves and take part in a charity boxing match later this year. It will be taking place in November, in my local town of Northampton. I must add, I am actually really excited to be taking part and having even further motivation for achieving my aim of Getting Fit For Forty.

You may have already read my previous blog post featuring my last fight experience

Push yourself – try something new

This time i will be raising money with my fellow competitors for the Alfie Bears Journey charity. You can read more about this great cause here…….

Alfie Bears Charity

boxing event night poster-page-001

It would be great to see you support this cause which of course will also support me and my increased dedication to succeeding in this event. Details for donations can be found on their site.

It has been three years since my last bout and I must say however nervous I feel I am also super keen to get going and back into the ring. Training for my last bout was where my real motivation for Getting Fit For Forty began. I have never trained so intensely, so hard or witnessed such results before i took part in the last bout. I know this one will be tough, but as they say….

Train Hard Fight Easy

Nothing that was worth doing ever came easy so with that in mind, its time to intensify the training and get going on it!

I know Boxing might not be everyone’s cup of tea however, I would strongly recommend anyone to try the training. Many boxing clubs will take people on purely to improve fitness. Dont be put off though with how basic the facilities will be, as these places are there for people to get fit, get lean, get strong and not to look pretty. You will also learn how to look after yourself with boxing techniques which is obviously a bonus to the getting fit part.

I simply cant wait to get going now! BOOM




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