There is more to it than just digits on the scales

I am now into the half way mark of the #NoMoreBolics 60 Day Challenge and I must say how pleased I am with the results thus far.

I have recently been struggling though and have been through a bit of a obstacle by catching some kind of sickness bug. It came on really suddenly last week and although I felt like death for a few days, I did find it worked well for weight loss though… (every cloud has a silver lining) The truth is, I was not in a good way and although I couldn’t stomach eating much at all, the last thing I was thinking about was training, running or going to the gym, I even struggled to make sure I walked the dog! You might have noticed, I have even struggled to post my updates on here.

Regardless of the sickness though, I have witness some really great changes to my body of the last few weeks. The majority of the time I have stuck to the diet plan and have been sticking to my minimum training commitment of 3-4 sessions per week.I have in the main done more than this and with me now signing up to the Boxing Challenge, this will drive my commitment on even more.  I have noticed improvements in my strength, shape and fitness levels and although I haven’t lost many physical pounds of the scales, I can certainly tell the difference in my appearance and how my clothes fit / feel. My thoughts on this though are because my training incorporates weights as well as HIIT sessions, it means I am sculpting my physic rather than just loosing weight.

I am more than happy with the way things are going and i am certainly not put off by the fact the scales don’t seem to be dropping. the fact is, i can tell the difference in other ways and that is what counts, not the figure on the scales!

I will submit my results through to #NoMoreBolics shortly so lets see what happens next!



  1. I hate scales! I only weigh myself about once a month, but I rely more on non-scale markers, such as checking to see if my clothes are looser or tighter, or if I can do more reps of an exercise, or if I’ve mastered a new move. Those are much better indicators of progress than then numbers on a scale.

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