No further inspiration required!

I feel it would be wrong of me having been blogging about fitness over the past 12 months to not mention the amazing achievement i have witnessed over the past 14 days.

Team GB – my little island of 20 miles off the coast of mainland Europe has literally taken the athletics and associated Olympic sports by the scruff of the next and said, come on then, lets see what you’ve got! I know I am quite clearly biased being from the mighty isle however, i think its a fair assumption that most of those who followed the Olympics must be feeling a similar sense of of how wonderful this achievement is. Finishing 2nd sandwiched between two of the  largest counties in the world means little old blighty (UK) is a force to be reckoned with in the sporting world.


If you have been watching the Olympics and don’t feel inspired by what you have seen then i’m sorry but there is something seriously wrong with you! I have lost count how many times the hairs on the back of my neck have stood up when watching the games. Its moments like this i feel saddened that I turn 37 this month and there is very little if any chance of me taking up a sport and becoming a contender for the next Olympics. I can live with this disappointment and instead I can look forward to seeing the future investment in our younger generation taking up sport, becoming more active and ultimately making future generations more healthy. After all, this is what we all need to do now to ensure our kids and their kids don’t fall into this ever increasing unhealthy state.

Lets ensure the future looks healthy, make those small changes today and they will soon become habits of the future

via Team GB Celebrate Second At Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony








  1. Great post. I have been very inspired too and also feel your pain that at 33 I will never be an olympic athlete (unless I was to train in a sport where age does not matter). I guess for those who are older we can still help the next generation – either encouraging our own children, friends or relatives or taking it a step further and getting involved in coaching 🙂

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  2. Haven’t yet said it better myself. I’ve watched almost all sports and spent hours and hours rewatching the incredible achievements of Team GB. I’m still feeling inspired right now as I write this and will soon be digging out my London 2012 DVD as I wait in childlike desperation for the Rio 2016 one!
    I’m also 37, dude, ain’t nothing wrong with that. Onwards and upwards, never take a step back.

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