Make your party an EPIC event

The count down has begun, the clock has started to tick and i am now within a year of getting re married and to the most gorgeous person you could ever wish to meet. On the 28th August 2017 i will be getting married for the 2nd time in a gorgeous setting in the Suffolk countryside and i simply cant wait.

This post is a little bit different from my usual post re fitness but i thought it provided a valid point in terms of having something to work  towards, look forward too and aim for. As part of my fitness journey, I’ve detailed some of my challenges and aspirations with getting fit for forty. This is no different as i most certainly don’t want to be a fat groom! As well as my general motivation to be fit for my family and general health, i want to make sure the photos of the day are something I can look back on and think, “I looked good that day”

Anyway, with a wedding comes a stag do and this time i have enlisted the help of a website called a new and refreshing invite management site. This isn’t something i have tried before, i have always used the old fashioned route of emailing or texting people i wanted to include.

This is where Mini Epic help and take away the pressures – all you have to do is put in your invite list, select your template and await your responses. I decided to choose the “rules of the stag do” invite theme – there are a few to choose from but this felt more suitable for my event.

As i mentioned, the process from once you have chosen your theme couldn’t be simpler. You simply add your photo and your event times and date then add your guest list. Once you are happy with you have done whats needed, a proof of your video will be sent through to you to use. You can then start to add your invite list and have some fun awaiting the responses. I was really impressed with my video as have my invite list on viewing it. I think the potential of this site is massive and i am really pleased to have been asked to try it out.

I definitely believe this is the future of party invites, I cant wait to see what other services the site decided to add and i for one will be using it again for sure.

Got a party or event coming up – why not make it EPIC




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