The countdown begins – Time to up my game

OK, ignore the Gif i have used at the top, i am not in anyway resembling Mr Balboa or do i want to get my head kicked in for 15 rounds by a huge Russian. But this week is where the real work starts and the prep for my boxing bout begins. I’ll be upping the anti compared to my current workout regime which will obviously include some boxing training as well as upping my cardio and general fitness.

If you have watched any boxing films in the past or are generally a fan of the sport you’ll realise that cardio is the main focus of any build up to a boxing event. Obviously the need to be able to box is equally important however, it will be the cardio that takes you through and will enable you to ensure victory.

Below is what I plan to do and all being well, I should be able to achieve it. The focus for me wont be on lifting weights, or improving distance i can run but will be more about explosive, high intensity fitness with added cardio to sustain energy levels. My diet will also be improved and i plan to increase my calorie intake to sustain the workouts. I dont want to loose mass as i am quite happy with my size but i do want to lean down slightly whilst increasing that important cardio performance.

Running  x 5 per week ( i have a dog so mornings do this for me) average 3k per run increasing to 5k as i get closer

HIIT training x 5-7 per week – these are short gym sessions lasting no longer than 30 mins. The focus here will be on increasing my heart rate and overall fitness by using body weight style exercises. These will be achieved over a lunch time or attached to home workouts after the morning run.

Boxing training x 3 – held in a local boxing club focusing on techniques, pad work and some sparing which will be super important in the lead up to the fight.

I know this sounds a lot but trust me, I will need it and all of this will be balanced hopefully with my full time job and family life.

Wish me luck!



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