Cardio without muscle loss?

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Journeying 2 fitness: Workouts, Tips and Nutrition truths

How to incorporate cardio into your workout without sacrificing any muscle mass?

I recently found myself wanting to go on longer and longer runs, however I’ve been subject to so many posts saying something along the lines of “cardio will destroy muscle mass” and implying that by the end of a 5 mile run all muscle mass would have disappeared. I would just like to say now that this is by far not the case and in fact cardio can help you become more defined and under the correct conditions muscle mass can be gained rather than lost.

So to start with the facts, if you do cardio for along enough period then eventually the body will start to run out of energy from stored calories and will start to break down muscle tissue as well as fat stores to provide the body with the energy it needs. This is…

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