60 Day challenge – Results

Its been 2 just over two months since i started the No More Bolics 60 Day Challenge and I am really pleased with how it has gone.

The process has been easy to manage from start to finish and with the team at No More Bolics there to support you on your journey, it couldn’t be more straight forward. I have been a bit a little slack at times, i admit especially with the food. I have had quite a few special occasions and functions to handle during my challenge so i blame this. You’re right though, i could have been stricter but I do believe that everything in moderation is ok as long as it is in moderation!

Now usually I do not like to share my before and after pics however, i feel it is important to demonstrate how it helped me over the last 60 days. You can see from the before picture, I wasnt hugely over weight however, i did have a bit of a belly on me and i also tend to put weight on around my face and neck. The before picture was also taken by my fiance so you can see my full front clearly. The after picture however, was taken by me after a gym session this week. I know it doesn’t show the whole front as well however, i do believe it shows where my shape has changed and I have become quite a bit leaner. It is a good idea to take these shots and at periods throughout your own personal journey. As you may have read before, it isn’t just the scales that tell the story so looking back on these does help you to keep motivated. I personally haven’t lost a great deal of weight, maybe just a few pounds but I feel so much better in myself, more energised and more alert. I also have felt my clothes feeling more comfortable as well as loosing inches around various places.

I will be continuing with my dietary plan over the next few months and expect to see further benefits especially when coupled with my training regime which has taken a distinct increase in intensity recently. I WILL GET A SIX PACK

My final point to add on this post is this – you can pay for any workout plan, food guide, personal training sessions or fitness equipment BUT, its only your drive to make a difference that will ensure you experience results. You will get out what you put in!

I will apologise now for the photo’s – as i said, i don’t like sharing.

Good luck

Lastly – Thank you to Luke at No More Bolics for giving me the chance to try this program and review my thoughts and share my results. I am even more on track to Getting Fit For Forty




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