Barcelona – so much to offer! 

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona for the weekend as a joint celebration for mine and my Fiancé birthdays. Next Monday, 26th September I’ll be another step closer to that big 40. Am I worried about it? Not at all! In fact, I am feeling more alive, more successful and more ambitious then I ever have done. I have a beautiful family, a gorgeous fiancé who I’ll be marrying next year and a good job. It’s safe to say that I am very greatful for what life has provided me with so far and therefore consider the future to be even more prosperous. I truly believe that I am the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals and with that thought, it is only I that can make a difference towards my goals and ambitions. 

Barcelona is a city I have been fortunate to visit a few times now and it never fails to impress me. The city has such vast offerings for anyone interested in going there. With its 7 beaches, vast hotels, amazing shopping and huge array of eateries there simply is something for everyone. The city is riddled with history and gorgeous architecture and with famous building from the likes of Gaudi, it marvels in variety around every corner. 

We stayed at a central city hotel and after a short taxi ride from the airport we already sat off on an adventure around the city streets. It’s set out like an American “grid” system so getting around is fairly easy. Weather it be walking, taking the bus or hiring bikes you can get to pretty much anywhere including the lovely golden beaches. The weather is nice and warm most of the year so it really does offer everything for a short city break or even a week away in the sun. 

Not were home, and after eating, drinking and indulging in the fruits of the city, I am back on the fitness bandwagon and working towards the fight in November. 

My focus is now fully in the swing of the training I am on and so far so good. 

Thank you Barcelona – I’ll see you soon! 


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