Hustle mode on!

I owe you all an apology – I have been rubbish lately and have not managed to post on here for sometime and for that I apologise.

The truth is, work is entering the busiest time of year for me and this coupled with training for the boxing match in November and balancing a family has meant somethings had to give. Unfortunately this has meant my focus on the blog has suffered as a result and I have not managed to  maintain the level of posting i would have liked.

Nevertheless, the training and prep is going well, I am actually in the main training harder than I ever have. I am (in the main) watching what O eat too which of course helps when training for any sport. I have even taken up using the pool at the gym in the hope to increase my cardio output and aid further with weight loss and becoming more lean. I have never been a fan of swimming in the main but I am actually quite enjoying it and have become more determined to swim properly to where i have even purchase a pair of decent goggles! SHOCK!

I am really looking forward to the fight, if not a little anxious as well which I guess is to be expected when faced with being punched. I just need to make sure when its all said and done regardless of the result, i can say ” I did my best!”

I am still working on my ring entrance but have a few ideas at the moment.

I will commit to posting on here more often again – I have 4 weeks left before the fight, HUSTLE MODE IS ON as is the intensity of my workouts now.





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