Sore joints? GOPO

In my pursuit for getting fit for forty, I have looked into some additional support that I thought could assist with my ageing body. Since I played a fair bit of football as a child, and boxed in my adult years, my joints have become a little creaky in the morning  Truth be known, I can crack various parts of my back just by doing a sit up which obviously doesn’t sound great but doesn’t apparently cause you any harm either (so i have been told).

I have noticed as time has gone how the morning routine quite often consists of creaking and cracking as I stumble bleary eyed towards the bathroom hoping to wake up as I go. It starts as I put my feet on the floor, knees straighten as I stand and then elbows as I stretch out my waking body cracking each joint in the process. At the young age of 37 I started to think I best get sorted with this.

At this point I decided to look at finding a solution and then came across GOPO Joint Health capsules which contain Rosehip.


I have decided to take part in a 12 week program and see if it can relieve some of my symptoms.  It contains Rosehip which has been researched in Denmark and has been found to help with joint inflammation. Here is what the website states

What‘s in GOPO® Joint Health?

  • Made from 100% natural rose-hip
  • Contains high level of GOPO®
  • Rich in Vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage
  • Free from yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose
  • Contains no GM ingredients
  • Does not contain shellfish

GOPO® Joint Health is a non-allergen and is suitable for people with diabetes.

I have started to take the tablets this week so I guess time will tell. You take 3 tablets x twice daily at the beginning of the process and then slow this down to 2 tablets after the first five weeks. I am quite excited to be giving this a trial actually and look forward to witnessing the morning routine become easier and less noisy than I have been experiencing recently. With the increased level of training I have been doing and continue to do, it will certainly help for sure.

Why not follow my story and see how I get on with it.

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  1. I’m 41 (almost 42) and have had tendinitis in my knees my whole life (it was crippling at times as a teenager!!) I’ve found MSM to be incredibly effective. It’s a sulfur compound in which most people are deficient. I recently ran out and forgot to replenish for a time. I couldn’t figure out why my knees started bugging me out of nowhere then I remembered that I hadn’t taken them for a week or more! If you would like to take a peak into my journey of wellness that I call the upward spiral, I would love to hear from you!!!


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