Fight Week is upon us!

Its 11:30 on this Monday morning and a message has just dropped into my What’ App… “FIGHT WEEK IS HERE, WHO’S EXCITED?”

Its not that I didn’t realise this, or have been thinking about it for the past 12 weeks or more, its more of the realisation that in less than 6 days time, I will be entering into the ring once again. Its fair to say that I have certainly had moments of anxiety surrounding this fight, certainly more so than the last time I took part in such an event. The main reason being, I still do not know who I am fighting. All will be revealed this Wednesday during our last training session. Do I feel confident though? Yes! Do I feel I have trained hard? Yes, Do I feel ready? Yes….. BUT – there is always a but right?!

I do believe that elements of my anxiety in the build up to the event have simply been down to my own mental well-being and it is merely a symptom of nerves. I am generally not an anxious person, I don’t tend to worry too much about anything really and believe that what will be will be. BUT and here is the BUT – when it comes to getting in the boxing ring in front of over 500 people coupled with the thought of being punched in the face, I guess its only right to feel somewhat anxious about the night, right?

So on Saturday, 26 of us both men and women are going to be commencing battle. All of us have trained hard in preparation for this event. I have lost count how many burpees, sit ups, sprints, press-ups, sparing rounds and various other exercises I have done over the last three months. I have ran dozens of 5k runs, been at the gym at godforsaken hours of the day and have sweated more than I possibly ever have done in the past. I do feel great though and although I have had moments where I could hardly move due to various levels of DOMS.

If you have been following my blog in the past, you will have seen my post called Get Focused – Sign up for something

I am a great believer that life is too short to think, what if! This is why I have taken part in these various challenges over the years. There is simply no better method of becoming motivated to change, push your body or just take a leap of faith than by signing up to some kind of event or challenge. This is why i personally put myself through it. That coupled with the fact I want to live a long and fulfilling life, not just for me but for my kids as well.

I have spoken to many different people in the past who have also took the decision to become more fit as they head towards 40 and beyond and they have echoed my theory on this too. By committing yourself to an end challenge you have something to work towards. I am not saying everyone should sign up for a boxing event, that’s just what I always wanted to try. There is however a tonne of different things you can do, obstacle races,  5K runs, climbing a mountain – whatever it looks like!  you have to push yourself in order to know yourself!

I am not sure whats next for me after the boxing, but what i am sure of though is there will certainly be something!

Ill let you know the outcome of the fight on Saturday but for now – if you wish to support my cause and the charity i am raising money for, the link to my just-giving site is here.




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