To add or not to add?

If you had taken the time to read my last post you will have seen that I had decided to attempt to write a “Bucket List”. This is something I haven’t done before and also when considering what to include in it, I realised I wasn’t sure even how to get started.

I mean, writing a “Bucket List” is a personal list of things to achieve before you die. A list of things that are seemingly unachievable during your daily routine but are things you aim to have achieved should you be given the opportunity. This therefore should be fairly straight forward right? Then why am i struggling to come up with some of them?

I believe the majority of people who take the time to read this post will have agreed with my last statement and will naturally be sat there thinking, yeah so what…Why cant you get on with it? Its a fair comment I guess but the thing is, I was struggling to get going and make this list about me and my wishes. I was also struggling with the mentality of what it actually stands for too. A BUCKET LIST – things to achieve before I DIE!!! Believe it or not, this wasn’t something i had given much thought towards previously and yeah, it actually scared the living shit out of me. Its also fair to say that I actually got in a bit of a fluster about it and a host of wild questions started to swim around in my head.


Surly this questions needs some qualifying before i can set SMART goals? Surly this will dictate to me how achievable things I want to add to the list actually are? Hold on! Do the things on the list actually have to be that carefully thought out or are they simply dreams?

My head simply went mental and started to overthink everything I had to write down!

I also had to battle my inner being telling me that by writing some of these points on MY “Bucket List” could be construed as selfish by members of my family. BUT isn’t this actually the point? Isn’t this list of things supposed to be MINE and mine alone? I mean, who knows the answers to these things? Where do you go to find out about this? HOW DO I START MY LIST?

Its all a bit of a muddle and that is why there has been such a delay in getting this done. I want to make sure its accurate and also isn’t just something thrown together. I also want to have a mixture of things on there that are way out there and off the scale somewhat.

Something I also need to consider is, I feel very grateful to have already achieved some great things in my life. I have a wonderful family, loving partner, great kids and a good job. I have already taken part in boxing events, raised money for charity for the past few years and also taken part in various runs and obstacle courses. This again could be my inner critic sounding me out and reminding me of how lucky I am but I am sure its OK to wish for more, isn’t it?

I want to challenge myself, feel alive, test my body to its limits (before its too late) and feel that adrenaline rush! Thats what i crave for and thats probably what my bucket list will consist of.

I aim to have it at least partly finished soon enough but for now, wish me luck!

PS – Feel free to share yours if you have one!





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