12 week transformation challenge is set


As you can see from the image, I am just over 11 weeks until I head of to Ibiza for my stag do. What better reason is there to fully commit to a transformation challenge and try to finally achieve that six pack that i have been wishing for as far back as i can remember?

This of course coupled with the fact that I most certainly dont want to look fat for my wedding pics has further fueled my determination to secure this goal. If you have looked at my previous posts, this is not the first time i have looked to do this. I have tried a large number of times over recent years to the point where i feel like i am on some kind of constant diet. Whether i have been training for the boxing or taking part in the No More Bolics challenge I have always given it my best for periods of time only to fall short of what i expected. This isn’t the programs fault of course nor is it any trainer i have used, it has always been down to me and my lack of consistency. I am a sucker for a piece of chocolate, a pastry or some kind of general naughtiness. I have blogged about “moderation” but have also been guilty of letting a treat meal turn into a treat day and then into a treat weekend or at worst, a treat week. NOT ANY MORE!

Well, whats changed? I can hear you say…. It all came to a head recently when I was given a copy of the official fight pictures for my recent charity bout. The best way to describe my reaction was simply, SHOCK! I was convinced i looked better than what was put before me. I know I wasnt the leanest i had been in the past but my god, i didn’t expect that.

Here is an example of what i mean.  I know its a good action shot but look at the size of my gut! its close to hanging over the shorts….. this was by no means the worst one either! Bluelight (215)

Anyway, I cannot, and will not be happy having my photos taken either on my stag, at the wedding or on the honeymoon looking like this! Something has therefore got to change.

From this moment on, at the time of publishing this post, i will be making more of an effort, sticking more to plan and working harder on myself then i ever had done before.

I will be embarking on a journey of transformation and this time its for real!

I am going to set out my goals publicly and really push to make sure I for once, smash them out the park! No more excuses, no more signs of weakness and no more treats!

I would welcome your support, tips and advice – god knows I will need it!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck!



  1. Hey chris – you need to put 70% of your effort in the kitchen. That’s where the transformation starts – nutrition.
    If you eat properly and workout 3/4 times a week the extra poundage will fall off.
    If you need a more in depth chat, you know where I am x

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  2. I agree with Zoe. Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. I’ve been working with a health coach for a month and it’s the first time I’m seeing visible results in a long time. And the first thing I had to change was my eating habits. Not just the constant yummy treats but also measuring portions and avoiding things like wheat and dairy (they cause bloating), and all kinds of processed food. My health coach also suggested I stop eating at 7 pm and have breakfast 12 to 14 hours later. This intermittent fasting is working great for me. Last weekend, I took my measurements and realized I had taken 6 cm off my waistline! You can do this, just take it one day at a time and be consistent.

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  3. The key is no sugar, dairy or grains. Eat whole real foods. Stay away from all processed foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetable that are green, fresh and delicious, healthy fats and proteins–meat and fish. Your extra weight will go and you will find you feel great and not deprived. It has worked for me.


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