Its getting closer

You will have noticed that my ability to keep this blog up to date has proven, well more tougher than I expected. The truth is, to describe the past 12 months as manic would be a bit of an understatement.

I have been promoted to Director at work, got married, nursed my new wife through a major operation while at the same time trying to keep up with our three children and the business. So yeah, you could say this blog wasn’t at the top of my priority list.

I have decided however, to get back into the swing of it and start posting my journey again. As you can see from the title, time is running away and the big 40 is getting closer and closer. Its funny because, when i started this blog, i had a good few years to get to my goal of being fit, and have the lean body that i have always hoped for but not ever managed to achieve.


So apart from being manic at work, where has my journey taken me since my last post?

Well, as I only managed to post three times last year (shocking behaviour) quite a bit of change has happened. Like everything, I started off my 2017 fairly well, managed to keep the weight off for a bit and then started to slip into enjoying naughty foods, eating out, drinking alcohol which meant i put on a few pounds. I then did a last ditch effort to shift some of this before my wedding in late august only to fall back into indulging mode again during the honeymoon and the few weeks after which also involved my birthday. Then of course we had the Christmas period which, well, entered into a whole other level of delightful and terrible food choices which again added weight to my ever ageing body.

I looked through my previous posts and recalled one i did a previous year around this time called Does it need to be January?  where i mention about New year targets and how they have proven them to have little success rate for those attempting them. But, here i was part of those statistics, trying to get to my goal yet again.

Its not all a loss though. Here we are in May (already) and I have probably been the most committed to this process than i have any other year. I have joined a local PT group which has really proven to help with my commitment issues. Why? well probably a few reasons. first one is the cost – it isnt cheap, in fact, pricier than a gym membership which has meant i immediately feel guilty if i ever miss a session. secondly, its three times a week at 6am which works great with my work and family commitments and lastly, it offers the feel of a PT session but within a small group which means I am training with others whereby in the past i have generally trained solo.

Diet has also played a real key part in my plan

I have developed a real keen interest in ensuring that the food i put in my body is more fuelled towards my goal. I am monitoring my food intake, keeping a watch on my macros – not to any specifics though, just ensuring i dont over eat and eat the right things at the right time of day.

So far the results have proved a real benefit. I have lost quite a few pounds, in fact i have managed to get down to the lowest weight i have been for probably 4 years but look and feel stronger for it. I am now starting to get some good definition too.

So whats on the agenda for this year? lots and lots of plans – stay tuned for more updates, i am super excited to be back!




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