image Have I gone mad?

Have I gone mad? Strange title you might think and even a little intriguing but the question remains the same. Why i hear you ask, well its simple.

I have only gone and signed up for a half marathon!


If you had read my earlier post Its getting closer you’ll have seen that i have reignited my passion for getting fit for forty as well as become pretty dedicated in making this happen.

I have decided as part of this journey to continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone and this is certainly something i never thought i would be doing.

“A half marathon? You must be joking! I blooming hate running!”

would be my usual response to such questions but for some reason, this year i think it would be a good idea.

I have only ever ran 10k races or OCR in the past so this is a real first for me. 2hours plus of continuous running, up and down hills, along long roads and far beyond any distance i have run before. BUT and there is a big BUT! I am not getting any younger and this feels like the right time to get it done!

There is another reason why and that is a local charity that i will be running for! My wife has recently become the chair of trustees for a local charity to us in Northampton which is called KidsAid A charity which helps children whom have suffered with various trauma. A great cause and something we are both really passionate about.

We will be raising money together as my wife has also decided to join me in running it and has never done any real running either. So together we will be going through 16 weeks of training in preparation for the run in September and will use this blog to document our training.

If you want to hear more about our journey then please follow my blog.

If you wanted to help us raise money for this great cause then you can do so via our just giving page 


Arc Strap Above Hill Design FINAL


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